More Pictures

(Sept 98) Check out the growing family section. Let me know if you'd like me to post some family photo's!

(July 98) Ragbrai 98 - don't miss it in 99!!

(July 98) Back up on the roof at Art's

(June 98) Grandma Lee and Bianca go on-line at 95!

(June 98) Check out the new Roubik Family Web Page, created by Sean Roubik on his visit to Boston with Dad/Brad

(June 98) Working off chocolate calories

(May 98) A visit from the WORLD TRAVELER, Carl Jay Gutierrez

(May 98) Amy looking for trouble in China and Tibet

(April 18th, 98) Forty WHAT

(May 98) Todd takes up new, masculine hobby... see the results... Connor's second baby blanket (first one was knit by Grandma)

(May 98) And then there were six... Introducing Connor Eric Kurland!

(May 98) Tuckermans

(Apr 98) Up on the roof at Art's for the Marathon

(Apr 98)American Gothic without the pitch fork

(Apr 98)Crossing to Jim's Land - did that advertisement say 'easily accessible'?

(Mar 98) Rachel and Sophie celebrated their 9th birthdays with a blowout rockin around the clock dance party. Here with their DJ Todd, Carrie and Todd selecting the next tune, another shot with the DJ, and the whole gang. What are YOU guys looking at?

(Mar 98) Murray Kurland, alias Muddy Moe, alias Son, alisa Dad, alias Grandpa, alias VP Sales and Marketing for S&C Electric, has taken on a yet another title as Professor Kurland and has begun teaching part time. Here are Professor Kurland's first students, looking very sharp!

(Mar 98) Friday, March 20, 12:01 PM and 12:03 PM (ish), the two beautiful new women of the Belash family touched down - Isabel and Alexis! Check out the Belash family homepage for the earliest pic's!

(Dec 97) The Global InterAction team puts up its first Holiday Tree at the Snowball!

(Dec 97) Meet Rocko! Rocko's owner Jen Bennett just started a new design firm called Zig Zag Creative!

(Sept 97) BUNGY

(Aug 97) Todd preaching about the Internet again, as Yuseke and Jungo look on (DG Japan)!

(Apr 97) Even Dad's sit on the furniture sometimes...

(Apr 97) Janer, Mom and Dad, revisited from a weekend at Snow Ridge

(Feb 97) This one is worth sharing... Thanks Mark.

(Feb 97) SkiMasters Jennifer and Betsy take time out from the moguls to pose with their fan's, Dave and Todd. Then, with the support of his idols, Dave challenges the giant slalom, only to collide with the queen of the mountain herself. Todd meanwhile is cozying up to one of the young grunge snowboarder babes. A fine time had by all at Stratton Mountain for the 1st annual Snow Challenge for the Wellness Center! Congrats to Dave, Julie and the rest of the team for an outstanding event.

(Jan 97) A welcome from Jackie

(Jan 97) A first look at Madonna's child....(1MB .AVI Movie), courtesy of our Internet-connected friend, Jeremy Wye

The California Love Birds Sing The Joys Of Newlywed-dom.

(Aug 96) Were you there at PMC 96? Check out PMC 97!.

(Aug 96) More Love and Marriage... a joyous time had by all at Betsy and Chris's wedding, with JT and Jen.

(Sep 95) I started a business, Global InterAction. We do Internet and Web development, consulting, training, and coaching. Tell your friends! Tell your family!

(Long time ago) What did I used to do?

(Apr 58) I was born on 4/18/58 in Brown Deer, Wisconsin USA, just outside Milwaukee. I have a great family and a bunch of super nieces and nephews.

(Dec 96) Hot news - our friends Audrey and Doug Schrift in beautiful Santa Rosa are now ON THE WEB and ON EMAIL.

(Dec 96) Have you seen Kenton's Christmas Photo? And whats with all my family and friends having kids already?? Jack, Rachel, Sophie, Lucas, Carly, Michael, Robbie, Grace, TJ.

Nature Lovers


The biermeister and his beautiful bride taste testing the new brews...


The Kurland Family Reunion The Santa Claus Anonymous, Boston's largest fundraiser for youth programs

Page Rob at 6883885.

Rick's GORP Party

Kenton's Octoberfest

Yoshi's, Nadia's and Renata's Farm Party

Leslie's Birthday at the Border

The Pan-Mass Challenge

The St. Jude Bike-a-thon

The Westboro/O'Neil Habitat for Humanity Ride

The McIntyre Cove Party

Gary's Cape Weekend

Yosh and Kate's Wedding.
Men men men men...
And the best man... (and his own beautiful wife)
enough men already.
Walking the dog...

Gary's Cape Cod Beach Party. Well worth the drive down.

Chris's Ski Trip

My brother Rob's Graduation from The Anderson School

Snow Ball Central at Leslie's

Kenton's Acadia Trip

... First in the USA to see the sun on Cadillac Mountain

... Singing around the Campfire

Todd's Chicago Trip

Roger's Biking Bachelor Party

Jen's Halloween Party!

... Andy and Jess - made for each other!!

... Have you loaded Windows 95 yet?

Favorite movies... Alien?

Running Boston for Dana-Farber - in second personal best of 4:50:03 !!!!

Polly's 30th party for husband Dan Leonard at the Hange Uppe, home of the infamous Leon!, there every friday night for over 20 years!!


Marji the dance machine is off-line. We are patiently awaiting a new picture from Marji the diligent, super intelligent, student. She is currently on site in Panama researching hypertension in the Kuna Indian tribe.